All aspects of repairs to Violins, Violas and Cellos are covered in the workshop. From restorations to check-ups, I provide a service to meet the needs of every musician.

The most common services required are listed below;

                                         VLN/ CEL

New Bridge                    £170/£300

New Soundpost         £70-90/ £80-100

New Pegs                      £140/ £170

Plane Fingerboard       £90/£110-140

String up (work under £200)     £20/£25

These prices are guides and can be subject to change.


To get the best for your instrument talk to me directly on 07702 190 488 and I will be happy to help.

Workshop - Repairs


A small number of the most common accessories and strings are kept in stock, however anything that is not can be ordered in for any service that is undertaken and will be price matched.

Workshop - Making

Making Violins is also a large part of what goes on in the workshop. Common outlines I copy are from Stradivarius and Guarneri del Gesu with modern thicknessing profiles. 

Trial periods of 2-4 weeks are standard times however I understand longer is needed sometimes and granted if need be.

As well as trying the violins I have in the workshop I also accept commissions and this can be discussed in person to meet your specific requirements.

Prices range from £6000- £8000