All aspects of repairs to Violins, Violas and Cellos are covered in the workshop. From restorations to check-ups, I provide a service to meet the needs of every musician.

Prices are based on £70 per hour plus material:

                                         VLN/ CEL

New Bridge                    £220/£340

New Soundpost            £70-120/ £80-120

New Pegs                      £140/ £170

Plane Fingerboard       £90/£110-140

Clean                          £60+ / £90+

New Endpin               £30/ £70+ endpin

Front off                     £300+/ £400+

Back off                         £360+/ £450+

New Fingerboard            £500 / £650+

Neck re-set              £700+ / £800+

Cracks                    £250- £600 per crack

Soundpost patch          £360 / £380

String up                           £25/£30         

These prices are guides and can be subject to change.


To get the best for your instrument talk to me directly on 07702 190 488 and I will be happy to help.

Workshop - Repairs


A small number of the most common accessories and strings are kept in stock, however if you need anything specific it is easier if you source this yourself.

Workshop - Making

Making Violins is also a large part of what goes on in the workshop. Common outlines I copy are from Stradivarius and Guarneri del Gesu with modern thicknessing profiles. 

Trial periods of 2-4 weeks are standard times however I understand longer is needed sometimes and granted if need be.

As well as trying the violins I have in the workshop I also accept commissions and this can be discussed in person to meet your specific requirements.

Prices range from £6000- £8000